3-Day Deadline for Government and Sensitive Body to Change Transaction Practices with Sugar Mills

The federal government and a concerned regulatory body have issued a strict 3-Day Deadline to sugar mills to rectify their questionable and flawed dealings with brokers and to ensure that their purchased sugar stocks remain within the mills.

Sting Operation and Extortion

In a notable development, a key figure from the sensitive organization conducted a “sting operation” involving two sugar trucks leaving Punjab, particularly from areas like Rahim Yar Khan. These trucks reportedly involved in extortion during their journey. Subsequently, all government departments responsible for “clearing” these trucks scrutinized, and the trucks brought back into Punjab.

Prevention of Wheat Smuggling

During a high-level meeting in Islamabad, government officials revealed that they had thwarted an attempt to smuggle thousands of sacks of wheat through various checkpoints over the past few days.

Final Warning to Sugar and Flour Mills

Representatives from sugar mills and flour mills issued a final warning during the meeting, where they confronted with various allegations.

Allegations of Wheat Smuggling

Intelligence reports from two prominent intelligence agencies shared with the caretaker prime minister, caretaker chief minister, and the DG of anti-corruption. These reports indicated alleged smuggling of thousands of sacks of wheat from Punjab to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during the new wheat production and government wheat procurement campaign. It has claimed that a significant portion of the smuggled wheat has sent to Afghanistan, contributing to the increase in wheat prices in Rawalpindi.

Investigations Underway

Investigations ongoing regarding these allegations, including the activities of the deputy director of Food Rawalpindi, who has alleged to involved in the smuggling operation and price manipulation.

High-Level Meeting

The development occurred during a high-level meeting chaired by Federal Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti and attended by ISI DG(C) Lt. General Faisal. Participants included federal secretaries, sugar mill and flour mill owners, importers, and exporters from four provinces. During the meeting, representatives from sugar mills faced probing questions that they reportedly failed to answer satisfactorily.

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