Asia Cup 2023 Semi-final Rain Threatens Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka Match

The crucial Asia Cup 2023 semi-final match between Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka scheduled for tomorrow in Colombo faces a threat from intermittent rain. Several weather websites and the Sri Lanka Meteorological Department have predicted rain on September 14.

Impact on the Match:
The Meteorological Department predicts three spells of rain during the match, with intermittent showers expected during the afternoon, evening, and night hours.

Points Table:
As of now, India has already secured a spot in the finals with 4 points. Bangladesh has eliminated from the competition, while both Sri Lanka and Pakistan have 2 points each.

Outcome of Rain:
If the match has affected by continuous rain and cannot played, both Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka receive one point each, resulting in both teams having three points. In such a scenario, Sri Lanka has expected to qualify for the finals due to a better run rate.

Lack of Reserve Day:
There have concerns raised on social media about the absence of a reserve day for the semi-final match between Pakistan & Sri Lanka, despite its significance in determining the finalist.

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