Apple’s “Made in India” iPhones Available from Launch for the First Time

In a significant milestone, Apple’s “Made in India” iPhones are now hitting the market right from their launch day. While Apple has been manufacturing devices in India and Vietnam for some years, this move marks a shift away from heavy reliance on Chinese production.

Reduced Dependence on China Apple’s decision to increase iPhone 15 series production in India signals a strategic move to reduce its dependence on Chinese manufacturing. Bloomberg reports that these India-made iPhones will be available for purchase not only in India but also in select regions from the first day of sales, starting September 22.

Simultaneous Production in Two Countries This development signifies a groundbreaking moment as it has the first time that new iPhones produced simultaneously in two countries. While a majority of iPhone 15 series units still manufactured in China, the gradual expansion of production in India marks a notable shift in Apple’s manufacturing landscape.

Previous Instances of India Production In the past year, Apple had shifted some production of the iPhone 14 series to India, partly due to factory closures in China resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and other factors.

Rapid Growth in Indian Production Reports indicate that in 2022, approximately 7% of iPhones produced globally will come from India. This marks a significant increase from just 1% in 2021. Apple has set ambitious goals to further enhance this rate, aiming to reach 25% of global iPhone production in India by 2025.

Global Expansion Strategy While iPhones will continue to produced in China and Taiwan, where production costs remain low, Apple’s plan is to gradually expand production to other countries. This strategy underscores the company’s commitment to diversifying its production base.

iPhone 15 Series Overview Apple’s iPhone 15 series, introduced on September 12, features four models: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. Notably, these models incorporate a new USBC charging port, a highlight for this year’s releases.

In conclusion, Apple’s decision to offer “Made in India’s” iPhones from the launch is a significant step towards diversifying its manufacturing ecosystem and reducing its dependence on a single production hub, underlining the company’s commitment to expanding its global presence.

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