Shahid Afridi Unhappy with Shaheen’s Performance

The former national team captain, Shahid Afridi, has voiced his disappointment regarding his son-in-law Shaheen Afridi’s performance following Pakistan’s defeat against India in a recent cricket match.

Match Recap: In a recent Asia Cup Super Four stage match held on the reserve day, India secured a convincing victory over Pakistan, winning by a significant margin of 228 runs. India amassed 356 runs, and Pakistan, in response, could only manage 128 runs in 32 overs, marking India’s most significant triumph in this rivalry.

Afridi’s Critique: During a private television program, Shahid Afridi discussed Pakistan’s loss to India and highlighted the mistakes made by the Pakistani bowlers. He specifically focused on Shaheen Shah Afridi’s bowling performance against the traditional rivals.

Consistency and Bowling Line: Shahid Afridi emphasized the importance of Shaheen maintaining consistency in his bowling line and length. He expressed that it’s crucial not to get disheartened if wickets don’t come early in the game. Afridi stated that while the pitch was favorable, the execution of the deliveries was lacking, urging Shaheen to place the ball accurately.

Comparison with Naseem Shah: Afridi also praised Naseem Shah’s bowling and questioned why Shaheen didn’t adapt his length to match Naseem’s performance. He believed that India took control of the match within the first 20 to 25 overs.

Toss Decision and Bowling Line: Addressing the decision to bowl first after winning the toss, Shahid Afridi pointed out that many people questioned this choice on social media. He believed that if the Pakistani team had executed their bowling plan effectively, with bowlers like Naseem Shah and hopefully Shaheen Afridi, they could have created a different outcome.

Frustration and Expectations: Afridi observed that Shaheen Afridi’s line and length were inconsistent during the match. He noted that early wickets expected from Shaheen due to his growing reputation, and when this doesn’t happen, he can become frustrated.

Afridi’s Advice: Shahid Afridi concluded by Advising the national team to regroup and refocus. He emphasized the need to work on their bowling line and execute their plans effectively in future matches.

In summary, Shahid Afridi’s candid assessment of Shaheen Afridi’s performance underscores the passion and expectations associated with cricket in Pakistan, urging players to strive for consistency and adaptability in the face of challenges.

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