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Saudi Ministry of Hajj Issues Guidelines for Women’s Dress Code During Umrah

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued specific guidelines regarding the appropriate dress code for women during the Umrah pilgrimage. These guidelines aim to ensure modesty and respect for the sacred nature of the pilgrimage.

Three Essential Rules for Umrah Dress for Women:

  1. Choose Unadorned Clothing: The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah emphasizes that women should opt for unadorned clothing when performing Umrah. This means that clothing should be free from embellishments, excessive decorations, or flashy designs.
  2. Loose-Fitting Attire: To maintain modesty and reverence during Umrah, it is essential for women to wear loose-fitting clothing that does not reveal any part of the body. Loose attire ensures that the body remains covered and adheres to the principles of modesty.
  3. Meeting the Three Requirements: Women encouraged to select clothing that fulfills all three of these requirements: unadorned, loose-fitting, and modest. This choice of attire should observed when visiting Masjid al-Haram for Umrah.

These guidelines aimed at promoting a sense of devotion and respect during the Umrah pilgrimage, ensuring that the attire worn by women aligns with the sacred nature of the journey.

Conclusion: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s issuance of these rules underscores the importance of maintaining modesty and reverence while undertaking the Umrah pilgrimage. These guidelines serve as a reminder for women to choose appropriate attire that respects the sanctity of the religious experience.

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