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Fatal Clash Erupts in Maharashtra Over Controversial Social Media Post

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, a tragic clash between two groups unfolded, resulting in one fatality and eight injuries, all stemming from a dispute over a contentious social media post.

Incident Details: The incident occurred in the village of Pesawali, Maharashtra, where tensions between the two groups escalated dramatically, leading to a loss of life.

Controversial Social Media Post: Reports suggest that the conflict has triggered by a controversial post shared on social media. The individual responsible for the post has reported to be suffering from mental illness and had targeted members of another caste in the post.

Police Intervention: Police became involved when they began questioning some young individuals regarding the contentious social media post. In response, members of the affected caste gathered outside the police post and agitated against the questioning.

Violent Escalation: The situation took a violent turn as both groups started pelting stones at each other and engaging in acts of arson. During this tumultuous clash, angry individuals set streets and some houses on fire, resulting in one fatality and eight others sustaining injuries.

Internet Service Suspension: In response to the escalating unrest, authorities decided to suspend internet services in the village. Additionally, law enforcement conducted emergency raids, leading to the arrest of 23 individuals involved in the violent incident.

This tragic event highlights the power of social media in influencing and escalating conflicts, underlining the need for responsible online behavior and the importance of maintaining peace and harmony within communities.

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