Urgent Update Apple Issues Warning to iPhone Users to Update Operating System

California: Apple, the renowned technology company, has rolled out a critical update to rectify a bug that emerged in the iOS version released six weeks ago.

The newly released iOS 16.6.1, made available on Thursday, addresses a significant security vulnerability.

A stern warning concerning this bug has issued to Apple by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab. It has revealed that this bug had the potential to compromise iPhone security even without any user interaction.

In an official web post regarding iOS 16.6.1, Apple confirmed the resolution of the security flaw in the operating system, albeit without elaborating on the specifics.

Apple has set to introduce its new mobile operating system, iOS 17, alongside the much-anticipated iPhone 15 next week. However, the severity of this bug has prompted Apple’s to expedite the release of version 16.6.1, as waiting until the launch of iOS 17 (expected at the end of this month) has deemed too risky.

To promptly install this essential update, iPhone users advised to navigate to their device’s settings, select ‘General,’ and proceed with the software update.

Furthermore, Apple has clarified that this critical update is also available for iPadOS, ensuring a comprehensive security fix for their users.

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