YouTube Begins Public Testing of ‘Playables’ Gaming Feature

YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, has initiated public testing of its ‘Playables’ gaming feature, allowing selected users to experience gaming content directly on the platform.

Testing Phase:

  • Previously, YouTube had conducted internal testing of the ‘Playables’ feature among its employees.
  • The feature has now extended to a specific group of users, enabling them to access and play games on both desktop and mobile versions of the YouTube website and app.

Visible ‘Playables’ Box:

  • Users with access to this feature will notice a dedicated box labeled ‘Playables’ on their YouTube interface.
  • These games integrated into the regular content feed, making them easily accessible to users.

Game Variety:

  • Specific details about the games available on this service are yet to revealed by YouTube.
  • However, it has mentioned that one of the tested games has “Stack Bounce,” which has part of Google’s Game Snacks platform.
  • It remains unclear whether other games from Game Snacks also included in this feature.

User Experience:

  • Games played through ‘Playables’ will also recorded in the user’s YouTube history, providing a way to revisit and save gaming experiences.

Conclusion: YouTube’s introduction of the ‘Playables’ gaming feature represents a new avenue for the platform to engage users with interactive gaming content. While specific details about the game selection are forthcoming, this feature showcases YouTube’s commitment to diversifying its content offerings.

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