Kapil Sharma Shares Viral Video of Saba Qamar on Instagram

Renowned Indian comedian Kapil Sharma has shared a viral video clip of Pakistani actress Saba Qamar on his Instagram account. The clip features Saba Qamar discussing her career and personal philosophy on a private TV show, which has garnered widespread attention on social media.

Saba Qamar’s Perspective:

  • During the TV show appearance, Saba Qamar shared insights about happiness, stating that a happy person spreads joy to others, while an angry individual remains upset with others.
  • Her thoughtful words in the clip resonated with fans and were widely praised for their wisdom.

Kapil Sharma’s Response:

  • Kapil Sharma shared the viral video clip on his Instagram story, adding clapping emojis to express his appreciation.
  • He also affirmed that the sentiment expressed by Saba Qamar in the video is indeed true.

Social Media Reaction:

  • Kapil Sharma’s reaction to the video has generated significant attention on social media, with fans and followers discussing the shared clip.

Conclusion: Kapil Sharma’s recognition of Saba Qamar’s viral video underscores the power of shared wisdom and positive messages transcending borders and cultures, resonating with a global audience.

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