Low Spectator Turnout Plagues Asia Cup 2023 Showdown India vs. Pakistan

Spectator enthusiasm appears to waning for the highly anticipated Asia Cup 2023 Super Four clash between Pakistan vs. India, currently held in Colombo.

This marquee match, considered the pinnacle of the Asia Cup, is suffering from a notable drop in attendance, leading to a reduction in ticket prices for the Super Four stage of the tournament.

Specifically, tickets for the C and D upper blocks of R Prema Dasa Stadium now available for just Rs 1000, while those for the C and D lower blocks have priced at Rs 500.

The Asian Cricket Council (ACC) has confirmed that these reduced ticket rates will also be applicable to today’s Pakistan vs. India encounter. However, it’s important to note that this pricing adjustment will not extend to the final match.

In the pivotal Asia Cup ODI Super Four stage showdown, Pakistan, having won the toss, has opted to field first against India.

Addressing the coin toss, Babar Azam, the captain of the national cricket team, explained that the decision to bowl first has made after carefully assessing the pitch conditions and considering the players’ current form. He emphasized their commitment to approaching each match as a fresh opportunity.

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