Adnan Siddiqui Refutes False Death Rumors with a Touch of Humor

Karachi: Actor Adnan Siddiqui has firmly denied recent rumors circulating about his death.

Taking to Instagram, the actor shared a video in which he humorously addressed the false news of his demise, which was reportedly announced on an unknown YouTube channel. After playing the video, Adnan Siddiqui sarcastically commented on himself, expressing his hope that Allah would grant him a high place in His mercy and bestow patience upon his family, as well as happiness and prosperity for his friends.

He then went on to lament, stating, “My dear friends, what can I say about this? I am perfectly healthy, thanks to God, and I’m very much alive. I have no idea who has spread this news.” With a smile, he added, “Don’t worry, while death is inevitable, it seems I still have a few more days left. May you all find happiness and enjoy life.”

In the caption of his post, Adnan Siddiqui addressed those responsible for spreading these false rumors in the name of journalism and breaking news. He called on them to afford him the courtesy of confirming such news with him directly before reporting it, emphasizing that he would willingly come to their studios to verify his condition and share his thoughts. He also urged them to uphold responsible journalism standards.

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