Roblox Set to Introduce Avatar-Based Voice Calls with Facial Motion Tracking

At its annual developer’s conference, Roblox unveiled its upcoming plans, including a significant innovation in the form of avatar-based voice calls with facial motion tracking.

Roblox had earlier announced its intent to cater to mature content for users aged 17 and above. Now, the company is gearing up to launch a feature called “Roblox Connect,” which will enable users to initiate voice calls with their friends on the platform, creating virtual hangout spaces for their avatars. This new feature is set to launch later in the year and also made available to developers, fostering further creativity and innovation within the Roblox creator community.

Roblox’s ambition extends beyond voice calls. The company is actively working to enhance the realism of its avatars by introducing features like motion mapping for hand gestures and upper body movements. These advancements expected to be accessible on basic consumer hardware capable of running Roblox, making them widely available to users.

Intriguingly, Roblox is developing these capabilities without the need for specialized equipment or motion-tracking dots. Instead, the technology will leverage the device’s camera to capture and translate motion in real-time, effectively bringing Hollywood-style motion capture to mobile phones and laptops.

Furthermore, Roblox is expanding its reach by making the platform available on both PS4 and PS5 starting in the next month. This move aligns with Roblox’s commitment to a cross-platform approach, ensuring its app is accessible and user-friendly across a variety of devices, similar to what competitors like Epic Games have pursued.

Roblox’s latest developments promise to enhance user experiences and further establish the platform as a dynamic hub for creative expression and social interaction.

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