Microsoft to Discontinue WordPad App in Future Windows Versions

Washington: Microsoft, the tech giant that has been a household name for nearly three decades, has recently announced its decision to phase out the WordPad app in upcoming versions of Windows.

A support note issued by Microsoft outlines the company’s decision to discontinue updates for WordPad and its eventual removal from a forthcoming release of Windows.

In light of this development, Microsoft advises users to transition to Microsoft Word for handling documents like dotdoc and dotrtf, while recommending Windows Notepad for simpler documents in formats like dottxt.

This move to retire WordPad follows closely on the heels of the news that Microsoft has been enhancing its Notepad application, introducing features such as auto-save and automatic tab restoration.

The revamp of Microsoft’s Windows Notepad app marked a significant update in 2018, and Windows 11 further improved the user experience by introducing a multi-tab feature.

It’s worth noting that WordPad App made its debut in Windows 95, and its discontinuation marks the end of an era for a program that has been part of Windows operating systems for nearly three decades.

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