From Actress to Thief Faryal Mahmood Lighthearted Revelations

Pakistani actress Faryal Mahmood humorously shared her thoughts during a recent appearance on a private TV program. She discussed her upcoming films, family background in showbiz, and a unique revelation about her childhood. Here’s a summary of her statements:

Early Influence from Showbiz: Faryal Mahmood, also known as Dancer, revealed that her family had a strong connection to the entertainment industry. Her mother was not only an actress but also a singer, while her grandfather was a music director. Growing up in this environment, she always aspired to have a career in showbiz.

Troubled School Days: Faryal admitted that her school days challenging, and she has expelled from several schools before reaching the 12th grade. She attributed this to her tendency to get into physical altercations, mentioning an incident where she accidentally broke a girl’s ribs during a fight.

A Unique Career Choice: When asked about a statement she had made regarding a thief if she weren’t an actress, Faryal clarified that it has meant humorously. She explained that if she hadn’t pursued acting, she would have become a dancer, but she playfully added that her confidence in acting could lead her to excel in “big robberies.” Her acting skills would help her convincingly sell any stolen item.

Faryal Mahmood’s lighthearted remarks shed some light on her unique sense of humor and her interesting journey in the entertainment industry.

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