Faisalabad Bank Scandal Area Manager and Staff of 8 Branches Flee Abroad with Over 1 Billion Rupees

Faisalabad: A major financial scandal has unfolded in Madinah Town as the area manager of a private bank, Raja Amir Kayani, has absconded abroad with a staggering sum exceeding one billion rupees, belonging to numerous account holders.

According to sources within the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Raja Amir Kayani, who served as the area manager of a Faisalabad Bank located in Madina Town, and has also known to be the son-in-law of a prominent political figure, orchestrated an elaborate scheme along with the staff members from eight bank branches. Their modus operandi involved enticing over 500 account holders with promises of higher returns on their investments and providing them with counterfeit receipts. For a period spanning five months, Area Manager Raja Amir Kayani and his accomplices successfully duped these account holders with false profit claims.

After gaining the trust of these account holders, the bank staff, including the area manager, absconded overseas, carrying with them a sum totaling more than one billion rupees. This alarming situation has understandably left account holders deeply concerned about the fate of their hard-earned money.

In response to this crisis, the FIA swiftly took control of the financial records at the private bank situated on Susan Road and initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter. It is worth noting that many account holders had willingly entrusted substantial sums of money to the area manager, enticed by the prospect of substantial profits.

This unfolding scandal has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many individuals grappling with significant financial losses. Authorities now working diligently to trace the whereabouts of the accused and recover the ill-gotten funds, while also seeking to bring those responsible for this fraudulent scheme to justice.

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