Captain Babar Azam Light-Hearted Moment Goes Viral “Oy Roti VA”

A lighthearted video featuring the national team captain, Babar Azam, has been making waves on social media, with a humorous mention of bread.

With the much-anticipated match between Pakistan and India in the Super Four stage of the Asia Cup set to take place in Colombo tomorrow, all eyes are on this cricketing clash.

During a press conference in Colombo today, Babar Azam, the captain of the national team, emphasized that the team’s focus remains squarely on the match, given their continuous involvement in cricket. He noted that playing can be beneficial for their performance.

Responding to a question, the Pakistan cricket team’s captain expressed confidence in the players selected for the upcoming match against India, asserting that they represent the best choices for the team.

Now, a short video featuring Babar Azam is going viral on social media. In the video, he seen engaged in a conversation with the renowned Indian journalist Vikrant Gupta.

In the clip, it appears that Vikrant Gupta is sharing something with Babar Azam, prompting a smile from the Pakistan cricket team’s captain before he walks away.

As Babar Azam to make his way toward the team bus, a voice from behind heard reminding him that even the captain needs to eat, to which Babar responds in Punjabi, saying ‘Oy roti ve khani ae‘ (Hey, want to eat bread).

This light-hearted moment from the national team captain has quickly gone viral on social media, eliciting humorous comments and reactions from fans.

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