Asia Cup 2023 Babar Azam Emphasizes the Role of Fast Bowlers in Winning Big Matches

As Pakistan’s national cricket team gears up for the Super Four stage against India in the 2023 Asia Cup, Captain Babar Azam expressed his belief in the team’s fast bowlers, stating that they currently possess the best bowling lineup in the world. He underlined the crucial role of fast bowlers in securing victory in significant matches and tournaments.

During a press conference held in Colombo, Babar Azam acknowledged the challenges posed by Sri Lanka’s familiarity with local conditions, having been actively playing cricket in the region for the past two months. He recognized that facing India would be a formidable task.

When asked about the team’s fast bowlers, Babar Azam expressed his confidence in their abilities. He conveyed his satisfaction as a captain with the team’s status as having the world’s premier bowling lineup at the moment, emphasizing that fast bowlers play a pivotal role in winning major matches and tournaments.

Babar Azam also highlighted the team’s unity and mutual support, noting that when one player faces challenges, others step up to fill the void. He emphasized the importance of players backing each other to ensure a collective effort in achieving success.

Furthermore, Babar Azam discussed his awareness of the Asia Cup 2023 schedule and the trolling that came with it. Despite external pressures, he emphasized his commitment to taking care of the players, ensuring they are in prime condition and available to contribute to the team when needed.

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