Punjab Government Shares Names of 13 Major Dealers Involved in Sugar Scam with FIA

The Punjab government has exposed a major cartel Scam Involving 13 prominent dealers, who are representatives of sugar mills. They allegedly collaborated with mill owners to manipulate sugar prices, ranging from 90 to 180 rupees per kg, resulting in the accumulation of billions of rupees.

Authorities Struggle to Apprehend Culprits

Despite several days of investigation, law enforcement agencies, including the FIA, have failed to apprehend any of the implicated dealers. The Punjab government has provided the FIA with the names of these individuals:

  1. Noman Qureshi (Khushab)
  2. Sajid (Endorsement)
  3. Farooq Khan (Sargodha)
  4. Malik Azeem (Kasur)
  5. Talha Kapoor (Karachi)
  6. Jamal Mustafa (Karachi)
  7. Awais Bilal (Chishtian)
  8. Imran (Faisalabad)
  9. Waqas (Mirpur)
  10. Ashraf (Lahore)
  11. Arshad (Multan)
  12. Majid Malik
  13. Unnamed Dealer

Disappearance of Implicated Dealers

Notably, all of these dealers have vanished from their residences and offices since their names were disclosed in connection with the scandal.

Legal Action Commences

The Punjab government has shared the details of these dealers with the federal government and the FIA, which has initiated legal proceedings against them. If apprehended, these dealers could potentially lead to the identification of sugar mill owners involved in the scam and the acquisition of data related to sugar Smuggling.

This revelation sheds light on the extensive manipulation within the sugar industry and the efforts underway to bring those responsible to justice.

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