Electricity Cost per Unit Increases by Rs. 1.46

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved an increase in electricity cost, resulting in a rise of Rs. 1.46 per unit for consumers. This adjustment has attributed to the monthly fuel cost variation for July.

Rate Hike Implementation for September Bills

NEPRA has officially announced the electricity cost hike through a notification, specifying that this adjustment reflected in consumers’ bills for the month of September.

Exemptions for Certain Consumer Categories

Notably, the revised rates will not apply to Lifeline and K Electric customers, offering some relief to these specific consumer categories.

Public Concerns and Protests

This decision comes amidst widespread public discontent regarding hefty electricity bills. Citizens across various cities have been actively protesting against these high bills, with some resorting to symbolic actions such as burning their electricity bills and refusing to make payments.

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