Efforts to Conserve Electricity Proposal to Close Commercial Centers Early

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to conserve electricity, plans are underway to implement early closing times for commercial centers across the country, with shops and businesses encouraged to shut down operations at sunset.

Considering a Winter Timeframe: Authorities are contemplating the implementation of this initiative during the winter months. From October 1 to February 15, businesses encouraged to close early as a measure to conserve electricity.

Federal Government Initiatives: According to sources within the Power Division, the federal government has forwarded these proposals to all four provinces for consideration. Subsequently, the provincial governments will engage in consultations with relevant chambers of commerce and business organizations to gauge the feasibility and implications of such a move.

Recalling Past Attempts: It’s worth noting that a previous government, the PDM, had also announced a similar plan to encourage early closure of shops and businesses, but it faced challenges in its implementation.

The proposed initiative to close commercial centers early during specific months underscores the ongoing commitment to conserving energy resources. It aims not only to reduce electricity consumption but also to promote sustainability in line with broader environmental goals. As discussions and consultations progress, further details regarding the potential implementation of this plan revealed. Stay tuned for updates on this initiative’s progress and its potential impact on businesses and energy conservation.

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