5G Rollout Faces Hurdles as Telecom Industry Seeks Support for 4G Improvement

The deployment of 5G technology in Pakistan faces a widening gap as the previous government’s goal of introducing 5G by December 2023 remains unmet. Dr. Umar Saif, the current caretaker minister, has taken on the challenge of bringing 5G to Pakistan within ten months, ramping up the pressure on telecom operators to invest in 5G infrastructure and technology.

1. The 5G Rollout Delay: Challenges and Targets

Challenges and Targets

The introduction of 5G technology in Pakistan faces obstacles, with previous targets unmet and new goals set by the caretaker government.

2. The Caretaker Minister’s 10-Month Deadline

Upping the Ante

Dr. Umar Saif, the current caretaker minister, sets an ambitious goal to bring 5G technology to Pakistan within ten months.

3. Telecom Industry’s Concerns

4G Improvements Sought

The telecom industry raises concerns about the readiness and feasibility of 5G technology in Pakistan and seeks support for enhancing existing 4G networks.

4. Challenges to 5G Adoption

Economic Conditions and Foreign Exchange Constraints

Industry experts highlight the economic challenges and foreign exchange limitations affecting the adoption of 5G technology in Pakistan.

5. Focus on 4G Expansion

Immediate Impact

While 5G holds promise for the future, the telecom industry emphasizes the importance of improving and Expanding 4G services to address connectivity and infrastructure gaps.

Conclusion: In light of these challenges, the telecom industry calls for a concerted effort to improve and expand 4G services, which can have a more immediate and widespread impact. While 5G remains a promising technology for the future, addressing the existing connectivity and infrastructure gaps is crucial to ensure broader access to digital services and opportunities for all Pakistanis. The introduction of 5G may need to be strategically timed in alignment with the country’s economic and technological readiness.

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