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Escalating Hate in India Refusal to Eat Cooked Food by Dalit Woman

Chennai: India grapples with an alarming surge in hatred towards minority communities, particularly Muslims, reaching unprecedented levels. In one striking display of extremism, students have refused to consume meals prepared by a Dalit chef.

In a government school located in the Karur district of Tamil Nadu state, over 15 upper-caste Hindu students declined to partake in the provided breakfast.

The Hindu students cited their objection to the meal, claiming it has prepared by a Dalit woman chef. Consequently, they asserted their refusal to partake in the free meal scheme offered by the school as long as it has prepared by the Dalit woman.

Upon learning of this incident, the district administration intervened by contacting the students’ parents and cautioning them about potential legal repercussions. Regrettably, the parents remained unyielding in their stance.

Rising Extremism Targeting Minorities

Incidents of extremism directed at minorities, including Muslims and Dalits, have surged at an alarming rate in India. Upper-caste Hindus have implicated in unwarranted attacks and discriminatory actions against these marginalized communities, heightening tensions within the nation.

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