Three Exciting iOS 17 Features to Anticipate Post-Launch

Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the upcoming “Wanderlust” Event, where the tech giant will unveil the iPhone 15 series along with the highly anticipated iOS 17. While iOS 17 promises groundbreaking features like StandBy and mental health assessments, it’s essential to note that a few functionalities won’t be available immediately. In Apple’s iOS 17 preview, it mentions several features as “coming later this year.” Let’s delve into three noteworthy features that won’t be accessible on the launch day.

1. AirDrop Updates: One exciting AirDrop enhancement is the ability to continue sending media even when you move out of AirDrop range, as long as both you and the recipient are logged into iCloud. This convenient feature, however, won’t be available right from the start. Nevertheless, other AirDrop improvements will be present, such as simplifying the process of initiating an AirDrop transfer by bringing iPhones closer together. Additionally, iOS 17 will introduce communication safety and sensitive content warnings.

2. Journal App: Apple is introducing a novel “Journal” app designed for note-taking and reminiscing. While it’s mentioned in the iOS 17 preview, this feature is slated to arrive later in the year. Users will have the capability to create entries that include various media elements like music, photos, and audio recordings. Even though your iPhone will suggest noteworthy moments to remember, you can secure your Journal to ensure no unauthorized access.

3. Apple Music Collaboration: A forthcoming Apple Music update will allow you to invite friends to collaborate on your playlists. Unfortunately, this feature won’t be accessible at launch. However, later this year, you’ll be able to seamlessly add, rearrange, or remove songs, and even express your reactions to song selections with emojis. While it’s disappointing to wait for these iOS features, the initial iOS 17 release will still bring a plethora of exciting updates to explore.

As the countdown to the iOS 17 launch continues, enthusiasts can look forward to a host of innovations and improvements that will enhance their Apple device experience. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the exciting journey ahead!

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