PTA Vigilance Handling 350 Daily Social Media Complaints

Social media serves as a dynamic platform for interaction, yet it also grapples with challenges such as controversial and false content. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has revealed that it receives approximately 350 daily complaints related to social media content. The regulator has committed to addressing complaints that pertain to both local laws and the guidelines set by social media platforms.

The Rising Challenge of Fake News: PTA has underlined the growing challenge posed by the proliferation of fake news on social media platforms. Additionally, it attributes the surge in complaint numbers to a lack of public awareness regarding responsible social media use.

Due Process and Fair Hearings: Emphasizing its commitment to due process, PTA ensures that both the complainant and the accused parties afforded the opportunity for a fair hearing. Following the conclusion of these hearings, PTA meticulously evaluates the complaints and, if found objectionable, refers the content to social media platforms for potential blocking.

Government Approval for App Blocking: PTA clarifies that it requires government approval to block any apps. In a documented statement, PTA reveals that social media companies have thus far complied by blocking approximately 80 percent of the content flagged by the authority.

Impressive Stats: Taking a closer look at the statistics, social media platforms have acted on PTA’s requests by blocking over 1.2 million URLs containing objectionable content.

PTA’s proactive approach to addressing social media-related concerns highlights the organization’s commitment to fostering responsible and lawful online interactions while ensuring transparency and due process in handling complaints.

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