Innovation and Targeted Investments A Solution to Pakistan’s Energy Challenges

Panel Discussion on Pakistan’s Energy Challenges: Insights from Experts”

Pakistan’s Energy Challenges Prominent panelists including Shah Jahan Mirza, Managing Director – PPIB, Rafique Ahmed Shaikh, Member Technical – NEPRA, and Sadia Dada, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at K-Electric, participated in a dialogue addressing various critical aspects of Pakistan’s energy landscape.

Diverse Discussion Topics

The discussion covered a wide array of topics, such as the shift towards renewable energy, technological advancements, managing circular debt, balancing tariff structures, international policy impact, investment strategies, resilient policy development, and collaborative regulatory considerations. It sought to understand the reasons behind the high cost of electricity across the country and proposed a forward-looking approach to set the right course.

Urgency of Innovation and Global Cooperation

Dr. Adeel Waqas, Principal of USPCAS-E, stressed the urgency of addressing Pakistan’s power sector challenges through innovation and international cooperation. Shah Jahan Mirza shared crucial statistics concerning Pakistan’s current energy sources, indicating that hydro, gas/RLNG, furnace oil, coal, nuclear, and renewable energy contribute to the national energy mix in varying proportions.

Future Endeavors

Shah Jahan Mirza also highlighted upcoming initiatives by PPIB, including support to SBP for revising the Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy, the establishment of renewable energy-based mini/micro grids in urban and rural areas, and capacity building for DISCOs with GIZ assistance, geared towards enhancing electricity grid management amid the growing use of variable renewable energy sources.

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