Ethan and Maya Hawke Discuss ‘Wildcat’ Movie, Nepotism, and Collaborating Together

Ethan and Maya Hawke Discuss ‘Wildcat,’ Nepotism, and Family Collaboration”

In a recent interview with Variety, the father-daughter duo of Ethan and Maya Hawke opened up about their upcoming film ‘Wildcat’ and addressed the topic of nepotism often associated with Maya, known for her role in ‘Stranger Things.’

1. On-Set Professionalism and ‘Dad’

Maya shared a humorous anecdote about their on-set dynamics, revealing that she initially called her father by his first name, Ethan, to maintain professionalism. However, she found it more distracting to others, leading her to switch back to calling him “Dad.”

2. The “Indie Kardashians”

The Hawkes playfully compared their family to the “boring, indie Kardashians” while discussing their involvement in the entertainment industry.

3. The Inspiration Behind ‘Wildcat’

Maya’s fascination with Southern Gothic writer Flannery O’Connor served as the inspiration for ‘Wildcat.’ She discovered O’Connor’s work in 10th grade and even used it for her Juilliard audition, with Ethan providing guidance. The concept of exploring O’Connor’s life and work resonated with Maya.

4. Addressing Nepotism

Both Ethan and Maya acknowledged the potential perception of nepotism in their collaboration. Ethan emphasized that ‘Wildcat’ was entirely Maya’s concept and vision, jokingly calling himself a “nepo dad” and expressing no embarrassment about it. They believe that the internet lacks nuances and that people are entitled to their opinions.

5. Mixing Family and Business

Despite warnings about mixing family with business, Ethan and Maya felt comfortable working together. They consider their collaboration a safe place for making art, even though it might not be the same during Thanksgiving.

6. Maya’s Early Interest in Acting

Ethan recalled the moment he realized Maya’s passion for acting when she chose to watch a three-hour Shakespeare play dress rehearsal twice in a row at the age of 12, rather than going home. This incident marked the beginning of her acting journey.

The interview sheds light on the Hawkes‘ perspective on their family collaboration and their passion for making art together.

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