Dollar Soars to New Heights in Interbank Market as Open Market Sees Decrease

In recent developments, the dynamics of the currency market in Pakistan have witnessed notable fluctuations, with the dollar reaching unprecedented highs in the interbank market while experiencing a decline in the open market. These shifts are attributed to the government’s efforts to stabilize the economy and reduce dollarization, particularly influenced by the army chief’s measures.

Interbank Market Soars: In the interbank market, the US dollar continued its ascent on the second day of the business week. External payment pressures and the initiation of new import LCs fueled its surge, pushing the dollar’s exchange rate past Rs 307. The market exhibited volatility from the outset, with a sudden surge in demand in the afternoon, resulting in a closure at a new high of Rs 307.09, marking an increase of 1 rupee and 45 paisa.

Open Market Contrasts: In contrast, the open currency market witnessed a substantial decrease in the dollar’s value, culminating in a closing rate of Rs 323, down by 5 rupees. This notable gap of 15 rupees and 91 paisa emerged between the interbank and open market rates.

Impact on Trade and Industry: Despite the optimism prevalent in local trade and industry sectors, the continuous appreciation of the dollar, along with surging power tariffs and interest rates during the interim administration’s initial days, has left many businesspersons and industrialists apprehensive about their financial stability and operational costs.

Government’s Strategy: Experts suggest that the army chief’s ambitious foreign investment plan of 50 to 75 billion dollars and promises to address longstanding economic issues before the elections have made speculators and reference operators cautious. In response, the buying and selling of dollars in the open market have become restricted, leading to a stabilization of dollar rates.

Monitoring Smuggling and Corruption: It has reported that the Caretaker government’s economic team, with the support of the military, is actively monitoring various sectors, including currency exchange, to combat smuggling and corruption effectively. This strategic approach has anticipated to curtail the rampant surge of the US dollar in the market.

Conclusion: The fluctuating currency market in Pakistan reflects a complex interplay of economic and administrative factors. While the interbank market sees the dollar’s continuous rise, the open market has witnessed a decrease, prompting cautious optimism and a renewed focus on tackling illicit financial activities.

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