Caretaker Prime Minister Announces General Elections in Three to Four Months

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar has disclosed that the country has set to hold general elections within the next three to four months. This announcement comes as part of a larger plan to ensure the continuity of democracy and constitutional processes in the nation.

Election Timeline and Selection Process: In an interview with a private TV channel, Caretaker’s Prime Minister Anwar Haq Kakar revealed that his appointment has made in consensus by former Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and opposition leader Raja Riaz. This decision has aimed at maintaining constitutional continuity during the transitional phase.

Caretaker Government’s Limited Duration: The Caretaker’s Prime Minister emphasized that the caretaker cabinet operates for a specified period, and efforts are underway to address various challenges, including economic issues. He also clarified that the current President can remain in office until the election of a new president, with the new president elected once the new electoral college has constituted. In case of the President’s voluntary resignation, the Senate Chairman can assume the role of Acting President.

Electricity Bill Concerns and Energy Sector Reforms: Addressing concerns related to electricity bills, the Caretaker Prime Minister assured gradual improvements in this regard. He expressed a commitment to generate electricity from local resources instead of relying on imported fuel. Reforms have already initiated in the energy sector, with a focus on reducing line losses and enhancing the transmission system. Privatization of Distribution Companies (DISCOs) is also in progress to boost power transmission and attract investments to the sector.

Economic Development and Anti-Hoarding Measures: The Caretaker Prime Minister highlighted the importance of gaining the trust of the business community to stimulate the country’s economy. Authorities have directed to work closely with traders and prevent hoarding. A coordinated strategy to combat hoarding and trafficking is in place. Additionally, the Caretaker Prime Minister is leveraging powers granted by the previous Parliament to implement measures aimed at improving the country’s economic situation.

Conclusion: With general elections on the horizon and a focus on addressing key economic challenges, Pakistan is entering a crucial period of political and economic transformation under the leadership of the Caretaker Prime Minister.

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