Spotify’s Insight into Music Trends among Pakistani Gen Z and Millennials

Karachi, September 4, 2023 – As the musical preferences of Pakistan’s youth continue to shape the nation’s music landscape, Spotify has unveiled compelling data that sheds light on the favorite artists, tracks, and genres among this dynamic generation of music enthusiasts. With a fusion of hip-hop, rap, and electronic beats both from Pakistan and around the world stealing the limelight, this recent data underscores the vibrant tastes of Pakistan’s younger population.

Popular Genres Among Youth: The musical genre preferences of Pakistan’s youth are captivating, with “Filmi” tracks and “Modern Bollywood” emerging as the most frequently streamed music, closely followed by Desi Pop, Pop, and Punjabi Pop, all characterized by their resounding high-bass rhythms. Notably, the youth in Pakistan tend to stream music predominantly during the night, with the majority tuning in to Spotify between 10 PM and 12 AM.

Top Tracks for Different Age Groups:

  • Age 16-20: “Lagda Nahi” by Ammy Gill and Toshi takes the top spot as the most-streamed track, followed by the powerful duo Abdul Hannan and Rovalio’s “Bikhra” and “Iraaday,” “Nahin Milta” by Bayaan, “Downers at Dusk” by Talha Anjum and Umair, and “Introduction” by Faris Shafi.
  • Age 21-27: “Iraaday” and “Bikhra” maintain their dominance as chart-toppers, with “Lagda Nahi” securing the third spot.

Most Streamed Artists: Talha Anjum claims the coveted title of the most-streamed artist among Pakistan’s youth. Following closely behind is pop legend Atif Aslam, with Spotify’s Fresh Finds discovery, Abdul Hannan, making waves as a global sensation.

Spotify’s Impact on Musical Trends: The launch of Spotify in Pakistan has empowered the younger generation to influence unprecedented musical trends. According to the latest data released by the music streaming service, the top local playlists for Gen Z include “Hot Hits Pakistan,” “Shaadi Hits,” “Desi Hits,” “Desi Lofi,” and “Punjabi Sauce.” Millennials share the same top two playlists, with “Pakka Hit Hai” and “Desi Hits” taking third and fourth place, respectively. “Desi Lofi” rounds out the top 5 playlists for this segment of listeners.

Global Favorites: Arijit Singh, renowned for his heartbreak anthems, captures the hearts of both age groups (16-20 and 21-27) as the most beloved artist. Pritam, Taylor Swift, Shubh, and AP Dhillon complete the top five list of global artists cherished by Pakistani youth.

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