Apple Vision Pro Spurs Meta to Develop an Advanced AR Headset

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, launched its Quest 3 AR headset shortly before Apple Vision Pro, but it was outshone by Apple’s superior offering. In response, Meta is shifting its focus to develop a premium mixed-reality headset in collaboration with LG.

Meta and LG Join Forces: Meta’s partnership with LG appears to have been prompted by the unveiling of Apple Vision Pro. Even Samsung, a key player in the field, has reportedly abandoned its current prototype headset to explore more ambitious options.

2025 Launch Target: According to industry rumors originating from Korean media sources, Meta is planning to introduce this high-end headset by 2025, with the goal of pricing it competitively against Apple’s Vision Pro, which retails for $3,499. NH Investment & Securities has weighed in on the competition between Meta and other tech giants in the AR headset market, considering Samsung’s position and the potential for Meta and LG to release a premium AR headset priced at approximately $2,000.

The “Meta Quest 4 Pro” Speculation: This upcoming Meta headset is expected to carry the “Pro” moniker in its name, and its official title may be the “Quest 4 Pro.” However, before the release of the Meta Quest 4 Pro in a few years, the social media giant reportedly intends to cater to the price-sensitive market with more affordable models, expected to be available for as low as $200 by 2024.

LG’s Role in the Project: LG’s involvement in this collaborative effort stems from a patent it filed in 2019 for a mixed-reality headset. The company has been engaged in research and development in this field since then. Nonetheless, it remains uncertain whether LG’s patent is directly related to Meta’s forthcoming premium AR headset.

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