Twitter Commences Utilizing User Data for AI Training

The social media platform, formerly known as Twitter but now rebranded as X, has evolved beyond its initial focus on tweets and likes.

According to its updated privacy policy, X intends to collect biometric, occupational, and educational data from its users. This data has likely to used in the AI training of Elon Musk’s AI Training models. However, Musk assures users that their private messages remain secure, as only publicly accessible information utilized. Nevertheless, this development raises questions about X’s specific plans for this data. Musk, known for his ambitious goals, recently launched an AI venture called xAI, with the aim of unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Therefore, it’s possible that Musk is leveraging personal data to support his grand vision.

Furthermore, Musk has expressed the idea of transforming X into a “cool” alternative to LinkedIn, a platform he has criticized as “cringe.” Given the updated policy, the collection of employment and educational data aligns with this objective.

One possible use for the data could be selling it to advertisers, as X is not currently generating significant ad revenue. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this idea. Unlike Twitter, which primarily used data for its own growth, X appears to have more ambitious aspirations.

In more positive news, Elon Musk also announced that audio and video calls will soon be available on the platform. These features will be compatible with smartphones and computers running iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Users will not need phone numbers, as X will serve as a global address book.

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