Pakistan Goods Transporters Association Announces Nationwide Strike

The Pakistan Goods Transporters Association has declared a nationwide strike scheduled for Saturday, September 2nd, in response to mounting challenges facing the industry.

Nabil Tariq, the General Secretary, revealed the reasons behind this decision during an interview with a TV channel. The strike, he explained, was triggered by the recent surge in electricity bills and the soaring prices of petroleum, which have placed a significant burden on transporters.

Tariq also drew attention to another critical issue – the alleged mistreatment of goods transporters by customs officials and the imposition of unfair fines by the National Highway Authority (NHA). He demanded an end to these injustices.

In a stern warning, Tariq hinted that the strike might be extended indefinitely if their concerns remain unaddressed by the authorities.

The potential disruptions in goods transportation could have far-reaching impacts on various sectors of the economy. The government is under increasing pressure to address the grievances of the transporters and prevent the impending crisis.

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