Pakistan Introduces Harassment Complaint App Empowering Women

Fozia Waqar, the Federal Ombudsman for harassment complaint app, has unveiled a dedicated application for lodging harassment complaints, providing victims with a versatile platform accessible from any location.

Application for Complaints Against Harassment

In a significant move towards addressing the pervasive issue of harassment, Fozia Waqar has introduced an application that facilitates the filing of harassment complaints. Although specific details about the app’s functionality and name remain undisclosed, the launch promises a pivotal step in combatting harassment.

Combatting Global Issue

During media interactions, Fozia Waqar emphasized that harassment transcends borders and has emerged as a global concern. A substantial number of complaints have registered, particularly from university students. Notably, a report from 2019 unveiled that 56% of students encountered harassment, with 26% of female students facing harassment in higher education institutions.

Incidents and Initiatives

Fozia Waqar highlighted incidents reported from various regions, including Bahawalpur and Iqra University in Punjab. The lamentable incident at Bahawalpur Islamic University, involving the arrest of the chief security officer for drug possession, came under scrutiny. She also underscored that instances of creating divisions between men reported.

Gender Equality and Beyond

The Ombudsman underscored that harassment complaint app extends beyond physical encounters, encompassing inequitable opportunities and reduced salaries for women, which also constitute harassment. Notably, there 857 recorded cases of harassment in 2022. Fozia Waqar clarified that cases of domestic violence fall outside their purview, but instances involving both male and female domestic employees reported.

Raising Awareness and Collaboration

Fozia Waqar advocated for collaboration with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to heighten awareness among students about the gravity of harassment. This proactive approach aligns with the broader mission to foster a safer environment and eradicate harassment from all aspects of society.


The launch of the harassment complaint app by Fozia Waqar, the Federal Ombudsman for Harassment, signifies a noteworthy leap forward in combating harassment. By embracing technology and enabling victims to voice their concerns more conveniently, Pakistan aims to create a society where harassment has no place. The call for awareness and collaboration demonstrates a collective effort to reshape societal norms and ensure the well-being of all citizens.

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