Caretaker Prime Minister Kakar: Relief for Electricity Consumers on the Horizon

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has revealed that the government has poised to unveil relief measures for electricity consumers in the near future.

In a recent interaction with senior journalists in Islamabad, the prime minister highlighted that the substantial cost of electricity stems primarily from agreements with independent power producers (IPPs) and losses in transmission and distribution (T&T).

While not explicitly mentioning the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the prime minister conveyed that discussions are underway with pertinent multilateral financial institutions to explore potential relief avenues for electricity consumers. He affirmed that the government has committed to announcing relief measures that align with international commitments.

It’s noteworthy that widespread protests erupted across the country last week in response to escalated electricity bills. Responding promptly, the prime minister convened an emergency meeting to deliberate on potential solutions for relief. However, immediate relief measures not officially unveiled during that time.

In his current statement, the prime minister addressed the protests with a nuanced perspective, asserting that the situation is not merely a law and order concern. He attributed the protests to the influence of political parties, suggesting their involvement in the mobilization of public sentiment.

As the nation awaits the forthcoming announcement of relief measures, the prime minister’s reassurance offers a glimpse of potential respite for electricity consumers grappling with escalating bills. Stay attuned for updates on this evolving situation.

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