Another Jolt to the Public as Petrol Price Surpasses Dollar

In a recent announcement, the caretaker government revealed a significant hike in petroleum product prices (Petrol Price). This adjustment has propelled the cost of petrol to an unprecedented high of Rs. 305.36 per liter.

The Finance Division issued a notification detailing the revised prices, indicating a surge of Rs. 14.91 per liter for petrol and a substantial increase of Rs. 18.44 per liter for high-speed diesel. The Finance Division attributed these changes to international Petrol Price escalations and fluctuations in exchange rates. These factors prompted the government to reconsider the prevailing consumer prices for petroleum products.

Consequently, the new pricing structure raises the cost of petrol to Rs. 305.36 per liter and elevates the rate of high-speed diesel to Rs. 311.84 per liter. Furthermore, the Interim Government has opted to augment the petroleum levy to a maximum of Rs. 60 per liter, up from the previous rate of Rs. 55 per liter.

Additionally, the price for kerosene has witnessed an upswing of Rs. 16.37 per liter, setting it at Rs. 233.52 per liter. Meanwhile, the cost of light diesel oil has undergone a rise of Rs. 10.34, adjusting the price to Rs. 210.13 per liter.

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