Win a Melbourne University Scholarship with the PM’s Youth Program

Empowering Excellence: PM’s Youth Program Offers Graduate Research Scholarship at Melbourne University

In a strategic move to nurture academic brilliance and uplift aspiring scholars, the Prime Minister (PM)’s Youth Program has introduced an innovative initiative – the Graduate Research of Melbourne University Scholarship Application. This program is designed to support students who have deferred the start of their research courses or are currently pursuing graduate research degrees at the esteemed University of Melbourne. Here’s a user-friendly guide to navigate the application process seamlessly:

1. Course Selection: Aspiring scholars can opt for various graduate research courses, including Doctor of Philosophy, Doctorate by Research, Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Masters by Research.

2. Eligibility and Fees: Applicants must ensure they fulfill the prerequisites for their chosen course, encompassing academic qualifications, English language proficiency, and adherence to student visa conditions set by the Department of Home Affairs. Successful candidates will automatically be in contention for the Graduate Research Melbourne University Scholarship, covering living expenses and/or tuition fees.

3. Document Preparation: Essential documentation includes academic transcripts and a well-structured CV to streamline the application process.

4. Online Application: Candidates advised to directly submit their applications through the University of Melbourne’s user-friendly online form, accessible on the university’s website.

5. Assessment and Offers: Thorough evaluations conducted on all submitted applications, and applicants subsequently receive notifications about the outcomes.

6. Scholarship Opportunities: Eligible candidates automatically considered for the Graduate Research Scholarship. Moreover, several other scholarships and bursaries are on offer, with some requiring separate applications.

7. Accommodation Planning: International students and those needing to relocate encouraged to plan their accommodations well in advance.

This initiative by the PM’s Youth Program opens doors for ambitious scholars to excel academically and contribute to their fields of interest.

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