Rawalpindi Commissioner Initiates Blueprint for Model Schools

Revitalizing Education: Rawalpindi Commissioner Vision for Model Schools in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha Orchestrates Transformative Plan

In a pivotal meeting held on Monday, Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha set an ambitious course for educational advancement. He rallied deputy commissioners from six districts, tasking them to earmark 20 schools each for a comprehensive overhaul into model schools.

Enhancing Learning Spaces: The initiative targets a holistic transformation, encompassing upgraded laboratory facilities, revamped infrastructure including buildings and washrooms, revived playgrounds, provision of new furniture, and other vital amenities.

Modern Education Emphasis: With a firm focus on elevating education quality, Commissioner Chattha underscored the infusion of contemporary teaching techniques. This approach aims to effectively nurture students’ holistic growth.

Administrative Accountability: Addressing administrative concerns, Commissioner Chattha expressed disappointment with the performance of assistant commissioners from Saddar and the City. He mandated the digitization of land records within a week, emphasizing its urgency. Swift completion of the land record computerization process and immediate filling of vacant numberdars’ positions in villages were also stressed.

Streamlined Approvals: Additionally, Rawalpindi Commissioner Chattha emphasized the need for swift approval processes for economic endeavors like petrol pumps, plazas, and buildings. Recognizing the economic landscape’s demands, minimizing delays in these proceedings gained paramount importance.

Unified Pursuit of Excellence: The meeting convened assistant commissioners, additional deputy commissioners, and deputy commissioners from the entire division. Rawalpindi Commissioner Chattha’s call for expedited implementation of welfare initiatives proposed by the Punjab chief secretary echoed resoundingly. He set the stage for meticulous monitoring and assessment, announcing performance targets to gauge progress in forthcoming weekly review sessions.

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha’s resolute vision for model schools aligns aspirations for enhanced education with practical strategies for holistic development.

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