Pakistan Manufactured 2 Million Mobile Phone in July

Surge in Local Mobile Phone Manufacturing in Pakistan: A Closer Look

In the first seven months of 2023 (January-July), Pakistan’s local manufacturing plants achieved a remarkable feat by producing a staggering 8.07 million mobile handsets. In stark contrast, commercially imported mobile units stood at a mere 0.82 million during the same period. This surge in local manufacturing signifies a monumental shift in the country’s mobile industry landscape.

July 2023: Local Manufacturing Dominance Continues

In the specific month of July 2023, local manufacturing plants continued to assert their dominance by assembling 2 million mobile handsets, while commercially imported units amounted to just 0.29 million. This substantial difference underscores the growing capability of Pakistan’s domestic manufacturing sector.

Diverse Product Breakdown: 2G vs. Smartphones

Among the locally manufactured and assembled mobile handsets, a detailed breakdown reveals a diverse product landscape. Out of the 8.07 million total units, a substantial 6.04 million were 2G devices, highlighting the continued relevance of this technology. Additionally, the remaining 2.03 million units were sophisticated smartphones, reflecting the country’s embrace of advanced mobile technology.

Mobile Device Distribution: A PTA Perspective

According to data released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the mobile device distribution on the Pakistan network is divided into two main categories. Notably, 56 percent of the devices are categorized as smartphones, showcasing the nation’s affinity for high-tech devices. Conversely, the remaining 44 percent are 2G devices, revealing that this technology still maintains a significant user base.

Trade Insights: Import Trends

Shifting focus to trade insights, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has unveiled compelling data regarding mobile phone imports. In July 2023, the country imported mobile phones worth $68.135 million, marking a remarkable 75.59 percent growth on a year-on-year basis. This surge is in stark comparison to the $38.804 million worth of imports recorded in July 2022. This data underscores the changing dynamics of mobile phone trade within the country.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s local manufacturing plants have made impressive strides in producing mobile handsets, outpacing commercially imported units. The breakdown of device types and the surge in smartphone adoption provide a glimpse into the country’s evolving technological landscape. Additionally, the upward trajectory in mobile phone imports highlights the industry’s growth and economic impact.

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