Meta’s Initiates Beta Testing of Horizon Worlds on Mobile Devices

In a significant move, Meta’s has introduced the beta testing phase for Horizon Worlds on mobile devices. This novel development not only widens accessibility to the Horizon platform but also ushers users into an immersive VR social environment via their smartphones and tablets.

Horizon Worlds on mobile devices functions akin to gaming applications, allowing users to navigate their avatars on-screen and engage with fellow VR participants. The introduction of this mobile extension brings Meta’s advanced digital universe closer to a larger audience, fostering novel ways of avatar-based interaction for various activities. This advancement further paves the way for Meta’s broader metaverse experience, while promoting the adoption of virtual reality.

Meta’s strategic shift towards mobile integration aligns with the evolving habits of the new generation, where a significant chunk of social interactions occurs online rather than in person. As kids increasingly engage with friends digitally rather than in local settings, Meta aims to capture this trend by enabling avatar-based interactions.

This move coincides with Meta’s upcoming launch of the Quest 3 headset, which is expected to synergize with the Horizon mobile app. On Android devices, launching Meta Horizon Worlds is straightforward via the Meta Quest Android app. Tapping the Menu tab and subsequently the Worlds icon offers a glimpse into the available worlds to explore. iOS users can access Meta Horizon Worlds by visiting horizon.meta.com from their mobile browser.

Meta’s expansion into the mobile realm aligns with its vision of integrating digital experiences seamlessly into everyday life, while propelling the metaverse concept forward.

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