Major Scam Unveiled More Than 27,000 Counterfeit Driving Licenses Discovered by FIA

In a significant development, the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has uncovered a far-reaching scheme involving a criminal gang that managed to produce and distribute over 27,000 fake driving licenses over a span of three years. The investigation has shed light on the activities of this network of suspects, who have now been apprehended for their involvement in this widespread operation.

According to the findings of the investigation, these suspects operated by issuing a staggering number of forged driving licenses during the three-year period. These licenses carried a price tag ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 units. Moreover, the criminals managed to add an additional layer of deception by utilizing a fake website to validate the authenticity of the forged licenses. Despite the efforts of the FIA, the fake website remained operational, making it difficult to block.

What’s more, the gang implemented an online payment system to collect funds, employing a digital app for this purpose. The criminals also possessed a sophisticated printing machine that was instrumental in producing the counterfeit driving licenses.

This discovery follows a recent incident involving the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), where an interlinked network, comprising CAA employees and pilots, has implicated in a similar counterfeit licenses scandal. Investigations led to raids targeting two of the accused individuals believed to involved in this illicit activity. Reportedly, certain aviation staff members were using intermediaries to gather payments for fake licenses.

Reports indicate that employees within the licensed branch were allegedly receiving substantial sums of money from each pilot in exchange for these forged documents. In some instances, impostors even allowed to assume the role of licensed pilots. The CAA has escalated the investigation by securing remand for several license branch officials and pilots. The scope of the inquiry has expanded, resulting in the decision to register formal FIRs (First Information Reports) against the implicated parties.

As these revelations continue to surface, law enforcement agencies are actively taking measures to combat these sophisticated criminal operations and ensure the integrity of official documents and licenses.

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