Traders Issue Warning of Impending Protest Against Soaring Electricity Bills

The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) has set a firm deadline of August 29 for the government to reverse the recent electricity price increase.

During a press conference on Saturday. RCCI President Saqib Rafiq conveyed that if the price surge is not rescinded. Traders are prepared to lead a protest rally from the chamber to Kachehri Chowk.

Rafiq stressed that the current Electricity Price Increase traders incapable of competing in the global market. He emphasized that the existing business environment is becoming untenable, causing many enterprises to shutter.

He urged the government to shift focus towards affordable. Alternative energy sources and to create an investment-conducive atmosphere for tax revenue generation.

The RCCI president voiced concerns about escalating interest rates, the volatile US dollar situation, soaring fuel costs, elevated gas and power tariffs, and relentless food inflation. He urged the government to urgently prioritize addressing these pressing issues.

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