NEPRA Greenlights Electricity Price Surge Upward Adjustment of Rs. 5.40 Per Unit Approved

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has given the green light for a power tariff increase of Rs. 5.40 per unit, pertaining to the quarterly adjustment in the final quarter of fiscal year 2022-23 (FY23).

Initiated by the Ex-Wapda distribution companies (XWDISCOs), the request for adjustments encompassed various factors such as capacity charges, transmission charges, market operator fee, the impact of incremental units, and the influence of transmission and distribution losses on Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA), along with variable operation & maintenance charges for the April to June 2023 period. NEPRA conducted a hearing on this matter on Wednesday.

The authorized adjustment translates to an additional financial burden of Rs. 144 billion on power consumers. It is important to note that this revised tariff will not impact Lifeline and K-Electric consumers.

The augmented tariff will reflect in the billing cycles spanning September, October, and November. In the upcoming days, NEPRA will issue an in-depth decision, possibly considering the Power Division’s appeal for an extended duration of six months instead of three for the collection of the increased tariff. This deliberation stems from the ongoing challenges consumers face with substantial bills.

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