OPPO Unveils Winners of imagine IF Photography Awards 2023, Inspiring Smartphone Users to Create Timeless Masterpieces

In a triumphant culmination of creative excellence, OPPO has proudly announced the distinguished winners of the imagine IF Photography Awards 2023. These visionary photographers honored with the coveted Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, while the unveiling of thirty-two captivating entries spanning eight diverse categories promises to ignite the imagination of OPPO users across the globe.

Kicking off on April 17th, the imagine IF Photography Awards garnered an astounding 700,000 entries hailing from 51 countries and regions. The competition stands as a beacon of inspiration, urging OPPO users and mobile photographers alike to transcend the conventional boundaries of mobile photography, daring them to channel their imagination and craft unforgettable masterpieces.


Honoring the Elite: Fifteen Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award Recipients The competition bore witness to an array of outstanding skills and talents, with Ahei Huan emerging as the unequivocal victor of the OPPO image IF Master of the Year, clinching the esteemed Gold Award. Ahei Huan’s victorious series, titled “Daughters of the Moon,” underwent a meticulous selection process, overseen by an eminent panel of internationally renowned judges.

Gold Award: “Daughters of the Moon” by Ahei Huan (China), Captured on the OPPO Find X6 Pro

The “Daughters of the Moon” series is a striking collection of portrait photographs that beautifully encapsulate the essence of the Yi minorities, encapsulating the serenity, vitality, and ethnic flair of Yi women. Alec Soth, a luminary in contemporary photographic art and a member of Magnum Photos, lauds, “What first catches my eye about this work is its professionalism. These images crafted with precision and great sensitivity.”

For his remarkable achievement, Ahei Huan has set to receive a prize of RMB 160,000, a 2023 OPPO flagship product ensemble encompassing a smartphone, headset, watch, and tablet. Furthermore, he has secured an invitation to partake in the prestigious Hasselblad Image Training Camp and an appointment as the esteemed OPPO Photographer of the Year.

OPPO’s Unyielding Dedication to Photographic Excellence OPPO’s relentless commitment to pioneering innovations in smartphone imaging technology, enabling users worldwide to craft timeless works of art, remains unwavering. The lauded OPPO Find X6 Pro, a flagship released earlier in the year, has garnered resounding acclaim within professional photography circles and among photography aficionados. Impressively, over 80% of the award-winning submissions masterfully captured using this exceptional device.

However, the realm of exceptional imaging extends beyond the Find X6 Pro. The meticulous reproduction of light and shadow on other OPPO smartphones imparts a distinctive and impactful quality to images. This prowess has masterfully harnessed by the four Silver Award winners, who skillfully infuse their creations with artistry and imagination. In addition to the Silver Award distinction, each of these recipients will receive a prize of RMB 60,000 and an OPPO Find X6 Pro, along with invaluable opportunities for training and international recognition.

Silver Award Winners:

  • “People around Tashilunpo Monastery” by Zhijie Yang (China), Shot on OPPO Find X6 Pro
  • “Dancing with the Wind” by BeiShanHuangTu (China), Shot on OPPO Find N2
  • “Catch Fish in the Net” by DO ANH VU (Vietnam), Shot on OPPO Find X6 Pro
  • “Harp Concerto” by Huo Qiu (China), Shot on OPPO Find X6 Pro

In addition to these exceptional achievements, ten talented photographers from China and Bangladesh celebrated with OPPO Bronze Awards. Their creative endeavors encompass a diverse array of subjects, including portraiture, architecture, landscapes, and the resplendence of nature. These photographs captivate with inspiring color contrast, robust compositions, and the unique conveyance of emotion. Each recipient of the Bronze Award shall receive a prize of RMB 20,000 and an OPPO Find X6 Pro, alongside opportunities for enrichment through training and heightened exposure.

Celebrating Vision and Diversity: Thirty-Two Inspiring Works, Eight Categories The spectrum of creativity extended beyond the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards. A total of thirty-two evocative works, divided across eight entry categories, unveiled by OPPO. These categories include The Distant View, Portrait, Night Scenery, Colors, Landscape, The Taste of Memories, Light & Shadow, and Chapters of a Life. To immerse yourself in these captivating creations, visit the official OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards website at https://imagine-if.oppo.com/en/.

A Global Celebration of Excellence As the Associate Partner of the esteemed international art fair, Paris Photo, OPPO will transport select winning photographic pieces from the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 to the exhibition. This esteemed showcase promises to unite these remarkable works with a global audience, celebrating the convergence of artistic vision and technological prowess.

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