Massive Fire Engulfs Bus Depot in Islamabad

In a devastating incident earlier today, a raging fire erupted at an Islamabad bus depot, casting an ominous glow over the area as it consumed a substantial number of vehicles that were stationed there.

The buses, previously under government ownership, had been dormant for several years prior to this incident, rendering the extent of their serviceability questionable.

The exact cause and origin of the inferno remain shrouded in uncertainty, leaving the populace anxious due to its proximity to a bustling metropolitan locale and its adjacency to a petrol pump. A viral video on social media portrays the gripping intensity of the blaze.

Unfortunately, this event compounds an existing setback – the lingering repairs plaguing the 6th Road Metro Bus Station. A recent report highlights the persistent delays attributed to financial disputes between the Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) and Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Amidst these circumstances, an official from the district administration has indicated the root cause to be a dearth of funds. The caretaker government of Punjab has declined to bear the financial burden of the estimated restoration costs ranging between Rs. 120 million and Rs. 140 million. The station’s unfortunate degradation traces back to a period of social unrest following the incarceration of Imran Khan. The station bore the brunt of rioters’ anger, resulting in widespread damage to escalators, elevators, ticket kiosks, air conditioning, and automatic doors.

As a poignant consequence, commuters using the 6th Road Metro Station, including vulnerable groups such as women and the elderly, are now compelled to traverse on foot to either the Rahmanabad or Chandni Chowk stations, exemplifying the disruptive impact of these circumstances.

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